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"Derick gives me personal service and knowledge I expect from a lighting consultant, but with prices I look for from one of those big distributors."

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While we wait for your ideas and stories to come in, here are two from us.

1. Go Here: http://www.smmonline.com/
This site bills itself as "Sales and Marketing Management for Apartment Professionals." It has lots of helpful tools, tips and ideas.

2. Replace your dim emergency exit lights with bright LEDs and save hundreds of dollars over the years.

Before and After: Great lighting can make a great difference.
We've been installing our new MaxLuxe® diffusers in commercial and residential properties and getting rave reviews. These state-of-the-art lenses pass through up to 300% more light, with no increase in hotspots or glare. We have lenses for nearly any existing fixture. New installations need fewer fixtures, resulting in lower hardware, installation and energy costs.

New, LED Emergency Lights are easier to read and last up to 25 years. LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) reduce power use by 95% and save $23 in electricity, $9 in bulbs and many manpower hours every year.
Before MaxLuxe® ..........................After MaxLuxe®
Check back regularly for more of our before and after solutions.
We gave Carr Real Estate this updated, consistent look, plus increased safety, all with a 2-year payback period. You could do it too.