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A little praise goes a long way.

"Derick combines great customer service with superb value engineering. Their creative approach to retrofitting lighting fixtures produces cost effective results from the standpoint of both energy efficiency and overall appearance."

G. Thomas Borger

Borger Management Inc.




Associates, Inc.
8545 Atlas Drive, Gaithersburg, MD
phone 301.258.1019
fax 301.330.1993

Energy management, security, resident retention and more.
To match the service we provide you'd have to use an energy management specialist, a professional lighting consultant, a lighting designer and an installation crew. Derick gives you free property reviews and clear, easy-to understand proposals with the prompt, personal service and support you need.

> Free Recommendations for Energy Management
Ask us to review your current lighting program, chances are we can recommend improvements that will lower your electricity costs.

> Problem-Solving, Not Complete Overhauls.
Getting lenses, globes and other parts for older fixtures; solving small technical problems that show up as erratic operation or diminished operating life for lighting components; both cause more headaches than they're worth. With extensive experience and a network of providers, we can often solve problems with little expense. Ask us.

> Free Security and Exterior Lighting Reviews
Insufficient or poorly planned lighting is a liability waiting to happen. Lighting planned with an eye for security is an investment that pays for itself when nothing happens. Ask us for a free review.

> Lighting Programs
for Marketing and Resident Retention

The quality and beauty of lighting fixtures and the illumination they provide impress new prospects and keep residents satisfied. Our free reviews can recommend ways that improved lighting can pay for itself with results.

> One-Stop, Turn-key Installation.
You don't have to get fixtures from one vendor and contract with others for installation. We can do both.

> Prompt, Personal, Professional Service
From on-site reviews to deliveries on the first business day following your order, you'll receive prompt service from a knowledgeable sales consultant. Start-to-finish personal service means you and your maintenance staff interact with a professional every step of the way.